Dan Burden is changing how towns think about traffic

From the Michigan Land Use Institute: “It’s not that Mr. Burden dislikes cars. It’s just that he is certain that the quality of life improves if people don’t spend so much time sitting in them. And, like everybody else, he can’t stand congestion. He’s come up with some unexpected solutions. The answer to traffic congestion in most towns isn’t making roads wider, says Mr. Burden. Just the opposite: Roads need to be put on a “diet.” Taking lanes away slows traffic but, surprisingly, the road then actually carries more vehicles more efficiently. Mr. Burden has other traffic remedies, such as shrinking intersections, constructing roundabouts, building boulevards with divided medians, and designing places where people can walk, bike, and ride public transit.”

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  1. John Z Wetmore Says:

    Dan Burden appears on satellite tv this week. Here’s the info:

    Tuesday, March 4, The Universityhouse Channel will show Episode 14 of “Perils For Pedestrians”.

    Contents of Episode 14 (1997):
    –Dan Burden on Walkable Communities.
    –What is a Transportation Engineer?
    –Mark Fenton of Walking Magazine on the benefits of walking.
    –Walk Boston and pedestrian advocacy in Boston, Massachusetts.
    –America Walks: a national network of local advocacy groups.
    –Innovations in actuated pedestrian signals.

    DISH Network Channel 9411 — The Universityhouse Channel
    Tuesday — 9:30 PM Eastern, 6:30 Pacific

    Episode 14 is also available on Google Video:

    Note: Public access cable channels are showing different episodes than DISH Network.

    Thank you.

  2. John Z Wetmore Says:

    “Perils For Pedestrians” Episode 14 is no longer available on Google Video. It is now located on YouTube at:

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