Dequindre Cut: 6 More Weeks?

I believe we lost the monkey to the Lafayette Ramp access

We believe the Monkey was lost due to the Lafayette Ramp access

The Detroit Free Press is reporting today that the Dequindre Cut is at least 6 weeks away from opening.

The graffiti, some of it spectacular, is staying. It decorates the old bridge abutments and helps to create a dazzling visual effect — gritty artwork, old walls and big shade trees contrasting with the newly paved path, plantings and modern lights and security phones. Fixtures for the lights and phones are in place but remain unfinished.

Above the trail, you can see the Mies van der Rohe towers of Lafayette Park and the 19th-Century steeple of St. Joseph Church. The dominant sound, at least on a Sunday, was bird songs.

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