Joint House-Senate Hearing on State Parks Funding

Michigan's State Capitol Building in LansingThis morning I expect to speak before a joint House and Senate committee hearing for a series of bills that improve funding for our Michigan state parks.

The above link provides information on how you can voice your support for this new funding proposal.

Here is my testimony —

Good Morning. My name is Todd Scott. I am a member of the Citizen’s Committee for Michigan State Parks and the Detroit Greenways Coordinator for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance.

My job is to advocate for and support a citywide trail network that provides great recreational opportunities for all Metro Detroiters as well as tourists.

We envision a trail network that allows folks to bike or walk to great destinations like Tri-Centennial State Park on the Detroit River.

However, the current state park funding model based on user fees doesn’t support parks like Tri-Centennial. All of its visitors will enter the park on foot, bike, or by boat – not by car. These visitors won’t need to buy motor vehicle passes nor will the park generate funds through camping fees.

And as we continue building trails that connect Michigan communities to our state parks, fewer motor vehicle passes will be sold and DNR park revenue will continue to suffer.

The proposed change in the state park funding addresses this issue.

It will allow great parks like Tri-Centennial to flourish.

I hope you consider supporting the bills brought before the committees this morning.

Thank you.

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2 Responses to “Joint House-Senate Hearing on State Parks Funding”

  1. Joshua Duggan Says:

    You could also have mentioned the excellent trails like the White Pine Trail State Park that never see any revenues from motor vehicle entrance or camping, but provide huge recreational opportunities and tourism dollars for the communities that it goes through.

  2. Todd Scott Says:


    Good points. My focus was limited to Detroit, since that’s my focus area. However, Nancy Krupiarz, the Executive Director for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance did submit comments about state park trails like the White Pine that covers those points.

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