Detroit-Windsor ferry service for bicycles?

Detroit RiverWe’ve mentioned the possibility of having ferry service for bicyclists and pedestrians wanting to cross between the U.S. and Canada without needing a car. (Yes, pedestrians can use the Transit Windsor tunnel bus.)

Now the Windsor Star has an article discussing this possibility.

North America’s largest private passenger ferry company is in discussions with Windsor and Detroit port officials to link the two border cities by boat.

NY Waterway, operator of the largest ferry fleet in the New York harbour, has participated in several meetings locally about launching a service across the Detroit River that would focus on transporting commuters, operating tours and carrying fans to sporting events such as Detroit Red Wings’ games.

Of course this is far from being a done deal according to the article. NY Waterway still needs to determine if this is economically feasible.

We sure hope it is.

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4 Responses to “Detroit-Windsor ferry service for bicycles?”

  1. JoeBlog Says:

    How can Detroit and Windsor allow it? It would bankrupt the Cities-owned Tunnel if it drew away the thousands of commuters daily! How would day-trippers get around with such poor transit service on both sides?

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    The focus of the blog is to improve non-motorized transportation options within this region. Having ferry service across the river would do that since the tunnel and bridge are not an option. Besides, the new border security requirements, the new DRIC, and high fuel prices likely have (or will have) a much bigger affect on tunnel traffic than a ferry carrying pedestrians and bicyclists.

  3. Dave D. Says:


    Thanks so much for this info., it’s good news!

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