Biking to Work in Toronto

Here’s an interesting blog out of Toronto called Urban Country that we stumbled on via a Howard Meyerson Tweet.

The blog article in particular is about biking to work:

Here in Toronto, the City has been handing out awards to bicycle-friendly businesses since 2001. The 2009 Bicycle-Friendly Business Awards will take place on January 19th, 2010 at the Gladstone Hotel and we will find out who this year’s most bicycle-friendly businesses are.

The consulting company that employs me imason inc. is an example of a bicycle-friendly workplace, and I felt compelled to highlight my workplace in the promo video above.?imason allows employees to bring their bicycles directly into the 8th floor office, storing them at the back of the office, while also providing shower facilities for those who feel compelled to shower after cycling in to work.

Do you work for a bicycle friendly employer?

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3 Responses to “Biking to Work in Toronto”

  1. Rapps Says:

    Old job, 2.5 miles away from home, they weren’t hostile, guess that’s something 🙂 Now its 8 miles but no rack once I got there, major dangerous streets along the way many without any sidewalk, I use them if there isn’t a choice because of heavy fast traffic.
    The city of Southfield just repaved 11 mile west of Telegraph- no handicapped curbs or sidewalks. It’s an area with many many senior living apartments and many rehab centers. Clearly they have no legs or brains.

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    I’ve had a couple employers that let me bring my bike inside the building. That was very convenient.

    Are you sure the city of Southfield paved 11 Mile and not the Road Commission?

  3. Andrew Mutch Says:

    11 Mile Road is likely a city road. Not sure which segment they did but Southfield was seeking stimulus funding for local roads.

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