Construction barrels on I-275 bike path

Dave Duffield (from the LMB) and recently posted MDOT’s reconstruction plans for the I-275 Metro Trail.

Trail Segment Construction begins by Expected completion
Hines Drive to Meadowbrook Early next week October 2010
Michigan Ave to Hines Drive Early next week July 2010
South of Michigan Ave 2011 TBD

Duffield adds, “Please refrain from using the path at all, especially the middle section. It will be totally impassible once they start ripping it up.”

The article adds:

An enthusiastic group of trail users attended an open house held Tuesday by The Michigan Department of Transportation to hear about upcoming improvements to the I-275 Pathway.

During the meeting at the Plymouth Township Town Hall, MDOT and the contractors involved in design, planning and construction of the trail upgrades explained more about the project.

Trail users were also asked for input on certain design features, including the style of wayfinding signage and the four new bridges. The signage will help users find the path, point the way to nearby trails, and brand the 35-year-old trail with an identity to go along with its new name: the I-275 Metro Trail.

Yes, fellow cyclists. Orange barrel season has begun on the trails, too.

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