Doing it on the Dequindre Cut

Have Detroit greenways jumped the shark?

Moosejaw’s Summer 2010 catalog lists the best places in Detroit to “do it.” And according to the catalog, there’s “no better place to do it than Detroit.”

Among their “favorite spots around the city to make love” is:

#8. Any Underpass on the Dequindre Cut

Apparently there’s more than graffiti along the Cut. Doesn’t Moosejaw know about the security cameras?

(via Model D)

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One Response to “Doing it on the Dequindre Cut”

  1. Jason Says:

    The Greenways haven’t jumped the shark, they’ve just been co-opted by Moosejaw. Moosejaw is just trying to be “edgy” and “local.” I personally feel as if they fail at both. They wanted to also use The HUB in their catalog but we told them no. Sure, their metro-Detroit basis is nice when they could go to another city, but what else have they done for Detroit besides use us for their ads?

    I also find their previous ad campaigns (like “prison is cool!” and this current “sex is edgy!”) pretty offensive and boring. There are already enough American Apparels in this world, we don’t need any more.

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