Detroit-style bike friendliness

It’s very difficult to explain just how bike friendly the city of Detroit is unless you’ve ridden there.

However, this recent photo really shows some of that friendliness. This is Second Avenue looking north from the Cass Corridor, less than a mile north of the central business district. Five lanes, one-way, and a 2,200 cars per day (as of 2003). That’s 1.5 cars per minute spread over five lanes.

Yes, this is one of the best case road scenarios in Detroit, but there are others just like it: Third, John R, Brush, Rosa Parks, etc. With the expressways pulling away the motorized traffic, urban flight, and the removal of the street car tracks, we’ve got plenty of room to ride.

We should also mention that the city of Detroit is planning on making Second Avenue as well as Third back into two-way streets — with bike lanes. It’ll arguably more bike friendly and convenient for those traveling south. As fun as it is to bike the current configuration, it the city’s plan make plenty of sense.

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  1. Charlie Z Says:

    The photo says it all – Detroit is a great city to ride in. Wide, open streets with little traffic. By the way, I rode the new St Jean bike lane from Mack to Jefferson over the weekend. Nice!

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