Bike lanes in Highland Park?

The city of Highland Park is currently updating their recreation master plan.

Surprisingly enough, their 1999 plan “promotes the implementation of bike lanes throughout the city in an effort to promote both a linked park and school system as well as non-motorized traffic” (according to the city’s master plan.) We’re trying to find a copy of the original 1999 plan which supposedly have greater details.

Even still, we do have proposed bike lane map, which is fairly good. Our only thoughts are:

  • McNichols needs bike lanes. They are specified in the Detroit plan.
  • It’s too bad there’s no clear continuing route for Glendale over to Oakland, which is a fairly minor issue.
  • We’re not sure why Midland was chosen rather than continuing on Puritan.
  • It might be wise adding a connection between Second and Third at the southern city boundary. That would tie together the two Detroit routes. McNichols would tied them together on the northern boundary.
  • The railroad should be highlighted as a future shared-use pathway called the Inner Circle Greenway.

What is odd about the city’s master plan is they recommend a single bike lane on the east side of Hamilton. That is not a safe or proper design.

Of course, none of this has been implemented to date. Highland Park has been through some tumultuous times of late. Still, these plans certainly open the door for the future.

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  1. Andrew Mutch Says:

    A great example to bring forward when you hear “our community can’t….”. If Highland Park can make such plans with all the problems they’ve had, no other community has a leg to stand on making such excuses.

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