Michigan Complete Streets passes the Senate!

Complete Streets in Michigan took another huge step forward today.

According to John Lindemeyer from the League of Michigan Bicyclists:

HB 6152 passed out of the Senate unanimously while 6151 was passed unanimously after an amendment was introduced upon the request of MDOT. Later in the day the House then took up HB 6151 again for a vote of concurrence where it passed by a margin of 76 to 21.

In summary, House Bill 6151 would require MDOT to have a Complete Streets policy and would encourage other Michigan road agencies to do the same. House Bill 6152 would make non-motorized planning a required part of each municipality’s master plan.

The MDOT amendment John mentioned above does not sound unreasonable nor does it seem to affect the main intent of this legislation.

A huge thanks to everyone who contacted their state legislator and helped keep this moving in Lansing.

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