New MDOT video: My Bike and I

Here’s a corny but cute video from MDOT that is “intended to help people explore alternate modes of transportation.”

Their timing is great given that May is National Bike Month and that gas prices are reaching new records in Michigan. According to an unscientific Free Press on-line survey given last month, over 60% of the respondents said they were “making changes to their living habits.” Perhaps more will discover biking as cost effective transportation.

But at the risk of sounding hypercritical, why is Wally wearing an orange safety vest during the day? Is cycling that unsafe that you can’t ride to the neighborhood coffee shop without one? It’s too bad he didn’t look a little more normal. That said, at least he’s not wearing spandex.

Below is the MDOT press release announcing the video and their micommute web page.


CONTACT: Janet Foran, MDOT Office of Communications, 517-335-7176
Josh DeBruyn, MDOT bicycling and pedestrian coordinator, 517-335-2918

MDOT promotes bicycling on new Web site and YouTube

May 5, 2011 — As National Bike to Work Week (May 16-20) approaches, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is promoting a new video about the benefits and savings of bicycling on the MDOT YouTube channel at It is part of the new “Mi Commute” Web site that includes tips and tools to help with the cost of commuting. The Web site explores bicycling, public transportation, and other modes of travel that may help commuters save precious gas dollars.

The YouTube animated video, the third of three produced by MDOT, follows a commuter named Wally, who challenges people to consider walking or bicycling for short- to medium-length trips. Wally calls bicycling “a simple way of reducing pollution, and a fantastic money-saving solution.”

With Bike to Work Week nearing, warmer weather around the corner, and gas prices climbing, many more people are likely to turn to walking and bicycling as an affordable mode of transportation. Bicyclists are reminded to follow the rules of the road, use lights when traveling at night or in low light conditions, and wear bright, reflective clothing to ensure they are as visible as possible.

Motorists are cautioned to pay close attention when driving near bicyclists and pedestrians, as the warmer spring months lure people outdoors.

Michigan has a growing number of bike lanes and thousands of miles of shared-use pathways that bicyclists can use and enjoy. For maps and other important information to help you plan your bicycle commute, check the Mi Commute Web site to learn what options may work for you.

MDOT’s commuting initiative, which began in April, also includes videos about ridesharing and public transit.


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3 Responses to “New MDOT video: My Bike and I”

  1. Andrew Mutch Says:

    Maybe it’s an MDOT employee heading to a construction zone?

  2. Adam D. Says:

    There are some good tools on the MDOT micommute website as hookey as the video is. I especially like the map of vechical counts on roads. It’s very helpful to find a way to bike to work.

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