Inaugural Detroit Parks and Trails Day is June 4th, 2011

Last week City Council unanimously passed a resolution endorsing a Detroit Parks and Trail Day.

Detroit Parks and Trails Day will be held in conjunction with National Trails Day on the first Saturday in June (June 4, 2011). This is a perfect day for Detroiters to come out and celebrate Detroit’s vast parks and trails. This can be done in many forms from playing a ball game to cleaning up the park. The key is that the green space is being celebrated and utilized!

On Facebook, Evan Major suggesting visiting some of Detroit’s west side parks and trails.

Be sure and check out the mountain bike trail at Rouge Park and the Nature Trail at Eliza Howell! Friends of the Rouge Friends of Eliza Howell Park Great views of the river from both!

While we don’t have a final copy of the official resolution, we do have any earlier draft on which the official version was based.


WHEREAS: Parks, greenways and trails are an integral component of successful neighborhoods and communities, providing beauty and opportunities for citizens to interact with nature in urban environments, improving the environment and air quality and increasing civic pride and community ownership among neighbors; and

WHEREAS: Parks, greenways and trails promote public health by offering recreation opportunities, encouraging physical activity and providing public gathering places for organized sports and similar activities; and

WHEREAS: Greenways and trails independently or within parks act as alternate routes for nonmotorized transportation and provide links between neighborhoods and communities; and

WHEREAS: The development and promotion of parks, greenways and trails being a legitimate function of local government for the above listed reasons, the City of Detroit Recreation and General Services Departments have partnered with the community-driven Detroit Parks Coalition and Detroit Greenways Coalition to aid in carrying out these functions in Detroit; be it therefore:

RESOLVED: The City of Detroit recognizes and thanks the Detroit Parks Coalition, the Detroit Greenways Coalition and their many partner agencies for their assistance in championing Detroit’s parks, greenways and trails; and be it further:

RESOLVED: The City of Detroit declares the first Saturday in June annually as DETROIT PARKS AND TRAILS DAY, for the maintenance, promotion and appreciation of Detroit’s rich inventory of parks, greenways and trails and the many community benefits they offer our citizens.

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