Six bike rides this June in Detroit

The number of group bike rides in the city of Detroit is rapidly increasing. Here are six interesting rides on tap for this month.

Bike the Bridge on June 13th

Registration is already closed for this event due to the customs requirements. That’s to be expected on an international bike ride. With nearly 300 registrants, this should be a huge success!

Claytown Neighborhood Tour on June 16th

Bridging Communities and the Detroit Collaborative Design Center are having an open house from 4pm until 7pm at their offices at 6900 McGraw. The open house is to review the recently developed Green Links for the Claytown Neighborhood non-motorized plan. Yes, more bike lanes and routes, but this time in the neighborhoods west of North Corktown and Woodbridge. They will provide light refreshments and a bicycle tour starting at 7pm.

Collin Hubbell Ride on June 18th

This ride is a fundraiser for the Hubbell Fund which provides grants in Midtown.

Many of you knew Colin Hubbell, a dedicated Detroiter, midtown developer and community advocate! Colin passed away in 2008 after a long, hard-fought battle with cancer. We created the Hubbell Fund to carry on his passion for Detroit.

The Hubbell Fund provides small businesses, entrepreneurs and community groups with grants in an effort to revitalize Detroit’s Midtown community.

You can register at More information is available on the Midtown Detroit web site.

Critical Mass on June 24th

Rainy weather dampened the turnout for May’s ride, which still attracted a few hundred bicyclists. Watch the Facebook page for more details.

Conner Creek/Lakeshore Drive Ride on June 25th

This 36 mile ride begins at 9am and is hosted by the Sierra Club. This may be a nice opportunity to check out the new additions to the Conner Creek Greenway on Detroit’s Eastside.

Slow Ride to Slow James

This ride occurs every Monday at 8pm and leaves from the Woodbridge Pub on Trumbull just west of Wayne State. It’s led by the Bikes and Murder crew, but don’t let that put you off.

From their web site:

No course is set and all skill levels are invited. The ride ends with the smooth sounds of Erno the Inferno and EastSide Jon – plus many special guests. We’ll be doing this every Monday till it gets too cold and maybe after that.

The also host the Bikes and Movie night on June 21st at Peck Park, which is just east of CCS.

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2 Responses to “Six bike rides this June in Detroit”

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  2. Sheila Crowell Says:

    We as many of the “Claytown resident”, are “against these bike lanes that are trying to be installed in our residential neighborhood” by all involved. Each one of us has been involved or seen to many accidents that have happened by these drivers
    whom race, speed, run stop signs, semi hitting a building located at 5201/5203 Cecil
    because he ran a 3 way stop sign, putting everyone’s life in danger.

    We have been fighting these traffic problems since 2000, they kept taking place.
    People have been hit, left laying while the car left the seen, 7 year old hit, a six
    year old hit and died, 14 year old hit while ridding his bike, a man killed coming
    off I-94 at Edsel Ford W, too many accidents that have “not been accounted” for
    because they leave the seen of the accidents.

    Cecil is a fire route with one lane of parking, with all kinds of veh’s running the 3-
    way stop signs 24 hours a day. DCDC each of you know Dingeman Playfield fences
    have been run down by speeding veh’s, the park plans we had everyone was worried
    about the traffic, remember I have those designs for Dingeman Park whom was
    designed by DCDC. We can’t leave out the drunk drivers, adding all the problems
    we have now, everyone knows there are not enough police to help with our problems
    we must face everyday 24 hours a day as is. Then for you to add more problems to
    our lives this is not fair for anyone to do such a deed to our people whom live, walk
    & drive these streets. Adding the new school that will hold up to 1,100 students, each
    one will be driven to school, adding there will be those whom will have to walk to
    school. DCDC and Bridging Communities do you not understand these streets are
    not safe now, what will it be like when this school is open for Martin, McGraw, Cecil,
    Edsel Ford W, & all other streets that will meet.

    Remember we lost our Safe Routes 2 School grant money because of Robert Bobb,
    so this means there will be “No Safe Routes 2 School” for this new school that will be
    on Martin. By the way, we are not other cities we are the City of Detroit with small streets that are not wide enough, not safe enough, for what you want to add to our
    problems. This will not stop the veh’s from begin in our Claytown neighborhood.

    Question for the staff of DCDC, will you be ridding a bike when you come to our
    Claytown neighborhood & all the rest of the City of Detroit & beyond? We would like
    an answer to that question, DCDC, also know’s the Claytown residents were not
    involved, only the ones BCI wanted & needed.

    This means also means the City of Detroit has to come up with money to install
    signs at each stop sign in Detroit signs for bikers to come to a complete stop
    They don’t have money now, for the problems we have that need to be taken
    care of today. What we have need & must be taken care of now before any new problems are added to our Claytown lives..

    Fair is fair, we have to have ins, tags, reg lien, all that we do to drive on the streets
    why shouldn’t each bike rider have to have the same, after all you are making
    these bike riders the same as the rest of us just on two wheels, “Fair is Fair..

    From: Sheila Crowell
    Advocated For All Problems, That Have Brought To Our Claytown
    Neighborhood Residents of All Ages..

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