Detroit bike lanes in the news

The new bike lanes in Southwest Detroit have been getting of media coverage lately.

The Detroit News ran the article “Detroit becoming friendlier to bicyclists” last month.

Sarah Pappas, 27, who lives in the city’s Woodbridge neighborhood, commutes by bike to work in Corktown several times a week.

“Riding here is wonderful. There are hardly any cars around,” said Pappas, who moved to Detroit from New York earlier this year. “Even downtown after a (Tigers) game gets out isn’t bad compared to riding in lots of other places.”

The Detroit News article also included this video.

Yesterday, the Associated Press released an article on the bike lanes as well. It’s was picked up by the Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, Fox 2 Detroit, and Crain’s Detroit.

[The bike lanes are] the first large scale segment of the city’s Urban Non-motorized Transportation Master Plan to be completed, said Scott Clein, executive vice president of Giffels-Webster, the civil engineering and surveying consulting firm on the project.

“Detroit has a strong bicycle community and there are a lot of bikers in this region,” Clein said. “You’ve got flat streets and the spirit of freedom to go wherever you want.” also covered the story.

And while not about the new bike lanes, this article from Akron’s Beacon Journal covers bicycle touring in Detroit. It really highlights the bike tourism potential for Detroit, which is largely being driven by Wheelhouse Detroit.

The Motor City rocks but it really rolls. On two wheels.

Pedal power is surprisingly big, and it’s growing in Detroit. And, no, bicyclists don?t have to speed to get away from roving gangs. That image of violent Detroit won?t die.

One way to see the new Detroit is on bicycle. It offers a way to get an intimate look at the Motor City with its great neighborhoods filled with stylish buildings.

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2 Responses to “Detroit bike lanes in the news”

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  2. Sheila Crowell Says:

    Corktown, is very different from our 48210 Claytown neighborhood. Our traffic problems go beyond anything I and others have to deal with on a day to day bases. The traffic problems alone with semis are nothing but night mares, adding our residential streets are not wide enough to add bike lanes. Many of our youth have
    to walk to school crossing Michigan Ave with traffic that is beyond having a bike lane. In fact one of the schools in that area was granted a
    Safe Routes 2 School grant, they did not put in the bike lanes because they were
    worried about the youth making the chose to ride a bike to school at the same time
    putting their lives in danger by other people decision.
    We are not county roads, at the same time we do not have roads/streets that are
    smooth, all it would take is a bump of some kind the biker hands loses control and hits another person or vehicle of some type. The City buses drive along Michigan
    Ave on the bike lanes, putting any and all at risk.

    Have you been on Vernor? There is an area that has been made into one lane for
    vehicels of all sizes, then a bike lane. This area is so busy with traffic with a school
    only blocks away from this night mare, road rag is added to the traffic problems.

    Maybe you should ride your bike from Corktown to our 48210 Claytown, make sure
    you stop at each and every stop sign, because the few bike riders we have do not
    stop. By the way do you have licence, tags, insurance, I do and for you to be on any road/street you have become one of our traffic issues/problems, you must be held
    responsible for your two wheel ridding/driving a bike just as anyone else. After all
    you hit a person you cause a life to be hurt or end, this lays on your shoulders and
    in the palms of your hands that are in control of the bike, along with your decisions
    to ride/drive a bike..

    Be Safe riding/driving your bike~


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