Midtown and RiverWalk construction updates

These updates are from Midtown Detroit:

Midtown Loop – Phase II construction began on April 16th. Construction goes along the north side of Canfield Avenue from Cass to John R. and continues south along the east side of John R. to Mack.

Second Avenue Two-Way Conversion Project – will convert Second Avenue to a two-way street with bike lanes from I-94 to West Grand Blvd. New decorative LED street lighting will also be installed. Construction will begin May 1st.

Third Avenue Two-Way Conversion Project – will begin on May 7th and is planned to end on July 15th. This project will convert Third Avenue between Ledyard and Forest to two-way traffic, add bike lanes in both directions, and maintain parking along both sides of the street.

Anthony Wayne Drive is also getting bike lanes which connects the Second and Third Avenue projects.

Trumbull from Warren to Holden is also getting bike lanes this year, though it’ll likely happen later in the season.

Mt. Elliott Plaza

Current Mt. Elliott Park design / Photo from Detroit Riverfront Conservancy web site

The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy will begin construction on an new plaza and splash park at Mt. Elliott Park this June. The construction should be completed in a year.

The plaza will be similar in size to the one currently at Gabriel Richard Park at the foot of the bridge to Belle Isle.

The splash park has a schooner theme with masts, waterfalls, a river, and water cannons. It looks very cool! It’s the kind of attraction that will definitely pull kids and families to the park.

The schooner does not have a name, but you can change that by making a serious donation.


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2 Responses to “Midtown and RiverWalk construction updates”

  1. joe Says:

    What will the midtown loop construction consist of? The widened sidewalks, smaller roads, and terrible bike racks from the last phase sit poorly with a lot of folks who would use better designed and implemented facilities, especially those of us on bikes.
    I remember this being a “big deal” and covered by a lot of media, but now you seem to be the only person putting out new info on it.
    Suffice to say I’ll be checking back in for more info regularly!

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    Yes, these initial phases are more pedestrian-oriented designs. It seems like when it was announced, the expectations were set for it to be like the Dequindre Cut, which no other trail will be like in Detroit.

    That said, Midtown and New Center did a non-motorized plan that was bike-oriented. The bike lanes on Second and Third are a part of that plan — and more is planned.

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