Detroit gaining more bicycle retail options

Congratulations to Detroit Bike City and their plans to open a bike shop in Woodbridge. The Huffinton Post has a fine writeup about this welcomed news.

It’s known as “The Shack.” For nearly seven years, the little carriage house located on Merrick and Trumbull in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood has served as an underground music venue for DJs and rock-and-rollers.

But now the space is getting retooled as a venue with a little less music and a little more clangs and bangs — a bicycle shop specializing in custom and vintage bikes.

Shinola is also working on a bicycle retail outlet not too far away.

And there are often rumors of other established bicycle retail operations expanding.

What’s striking about each of these is their uniqueness. Not only are they unique among themselves, but they are unique compared with the two typical suburban bike shops models: the mom & pop and the big store/chain.

More retail options for Detroiters is always good. Still, it’s interesting that you can’t find a Trek, Specialized or Giant dealer across the city’s 139 square miles.

Is that a big deal?

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