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Bad local biking ordinances become enforceable in 2018

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017


The state legislature recently enacted bills that raise speed limits in Michigan and decrease penalties for doing so. That wasn’t smart but that’s not all.

Many Michigan cities have bad local bicycling laws. We’ve documented them both here and here, though some may have been removed since these articles were written. Now fortunately nearly none of these are enforceable since current state law (MCL 257.606┬áSection 4) requires local authorities to post these local bicycle ordinances on signs.

That requirement goes away on January 5th, 2018.

Why? Because the that speeding bill we mentioned earlier incorrectly amended 257.606. It removed items from Section (1) and failed to update Section (4) which referenced those items. It appears to only affect the enforcement of local bicycle ordinances (posted signs are no longer required) and truck routes (posted signs are now required.)

The Detroit Greenways Coalition worked with Detroit City Council to remove its outdated local ordinances. Other cities have not. We expect the Coalition will help get this state law corrected. It would also be a good opportunity to remove local authorities from requiring bicycle registrations and licenses — and fees.

Not that you will, but you can potentially get tickets for the following bicycle violations starting January 5th: (more…)

Ann Arbor eliminates bike registration

Monday, March 8th, 2010

In a unanimous vote, the Ann Arbor City Council eliminated their bike registration ordinance according to the Ann Arbor Chronicle. According to the Chronicle, the current registration ordinance wasn’t working.

At a February meeting of the council — in the context of discussions on a possible revision to the registration program, as well as a revision to all the city’s ordinances on bicycling — Carsten Hohnke (Ward 5) had reported that the registration program had in recent years, not resulted in the return of stolen bicycles to their owners. The return of stolen bicycles to their owners is an often-cited benefit of the program.

Specifically, Hohnke had said that from September of 2007 to the present, 39 stolen bikes had been recovered and returned to their owners — but in none of those cases had the bicycle registration program been instrumental. The return of those bicycles had been the result of regular police work.

The city staff is apparently looking at a new and improved bike registration ordinance, though it’s unclear why they would if the police have not needed it to return stolen bicycles.

Birmingham looks to possibly repeal bike registration

Monday, September 21st, 2009

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Birmingham’s City Commission may repeal their onerous bike registration ordinance.

City Commissioners are expected tonight to repeal the community’s 1963 bicycle ordinance — including its 25-cents-a-day charge to impound a bike.

Police Chief Richard Patterson, in a Sept. 11 memorandum to City Manager Tom Markus, pointed out that the ordinance was antiquated.

Birmingham police will continue providing free bike licenses to residents, the chief said in his memo. But he’d like the city to scrap the ordinance, which includes having cops charge 25 cents a day for impounding a bike if the owner lacks a license or is otherwise not in compliance with a litany of outdated bike rules.

This repeal is a direct result of our m-bike article highlighting some Metro Detroit’s ridiculous bicycle ordinances. In that article we noted that all bike in Birmingham sales and purchases must be reported to the police. The city also required all bicycles to be registered, including those of non-residents.

A Week of Detroit Biking Events

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Looking almost normal while biking to work in DetroitThis past week had a concentration of biking-related news and events in Detroit.

And if it weren’t for the dire automotive news and the thrilling Red Wings results, we may have had a bit more media coverage.

Monday: Bike Registration

Detroit City Council’s Public Health and Safety committee held a public hearing on a new voluntary bike registration program. MTGA, The Hub, and Detroit Bike Riders United were gave public testimony in support of the new ordinance. The ordinance passed and went before the full council on Tuesday. We did not yet hear the results but expect it was passed.

Thursday: Dequindre Cut

Detroit’s newest greenway, the Dequindre Cut had its official grand opening.

It was a very exciting, event-filled, and sunny day. One could not ask for a better kick off.

Though just on the job for his fourth day, Mayor Bing attended and spoke positively about this trail. That shouldn’t be unexpected as Mayor Bing is a board member for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

As he hustled off to another appointment, I caught up to him and gave him a copy of the new Detroit Greenways Network brochure.

Media coverage: Metro Times and Click on Detroit video

Later that evening, the Green Garage hosted the Model D Speaker Series. Tom Woiwode from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan spoke about the Dequindre Cut, Bil Lusa highlighted the Detroit biking scene and Tour de Troit, while I covered the status of greenway development in Detroit.

There was a very solid turnout (over 190 had pre-registered).

Friday: Bike to Work Day

We had two groups ride this year, one starting in Royal Oak and the other in Grosse Point. Each had about 25 riders and both ended at Campus Martius.

The weather was perfect.

And we had bike commuters looking “normal” in blue jeans, baggy shorts and cotton T-shirts.

Detroit Synergy, American Cycle & Fitness, and a host of other sponsors made these rides (and the cool T-shirts) possible.

Media coverage: Metro Times

Hearing for New Detroit Bicycle Registration

Thursday, May 7th, 2009


Detroit City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee is holding a public hearing on Monday, May 11th at 10:30 AM on a new bicycle registration ordinance.

This new ordinance is voluntary and replaces the mandatory registration ordinance removed last summer.

PUBLIC HEARING – RE: Proposed ordinance to amend Chapter 55, Article IX, of the 1984 Detroit City Code, Motorcycles, Motor-Driven Cycles and Bicycles, by adding Division 3, Voluntary Bicycle Registration, which shall contain Sections 55-9-41 through 55-9-49 (Law and Police Departments)

Whether or not you have opportunity to register your bike, it really is important that you at least document the serial number. This number is typically stamped into your bike frame often times near the cranks. With the serial number and 99 cents, you can take advantage of the National Bike Registry in the event yours is stolen.