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Corktown businesses pushing the pedals

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Detroit Greencycle

By signing up for their services, Detroit Greencycle will pick up your recyclables transport them by bike to the recycling center. They also pick up compost items for eventual use in local gardens. They currently operate in the Corktown and Woodbridge neighborhoods.

This business fills a gap created by the lack of curbside recycling in the city of Detroit (except the two neighborhoods where it is being tested.)

Their services are given on their web site:

Detroit Greencycle offers curbside pick-up of recyclables and compost on a weekly ($20/month) or biweekly ($15/month) basis.  Pick-up is limited to one 18 gallon bin for recyclables and one 5 gallon compost bin. Additional bins for each are available for an additional $10/month.

Detroit Greencycle can make deliveries of 300 lbs in weight and less from local businesses including the hardware store, grocery store, local farms, and between neighbors.

They also have a Facebook page.

Corktown Cycles

According to the Corktown Cycles web site, they plan on being “the Newest Bike Shop In Detroit’s Oldest Neighborhood.”

Services will include new and used bicycles and equipment as well as full service repair and restorations

Our focus is to be a friendly neighborhood bike shop. We plan on offering discounts for kids, college students, and area residents.

They are located on 14th Street just north of Michigan Avenue and I-75.

Detroit could use more bike shops, so this will be a much welcomed addition.