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Detroit 2020 looks at RiverWalk developments

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

The Detroit 2020 takes a look at the RiverWalk and proposed development along the river, including the exciting Milliken State Park Discovery Center in the Globe Trading Building.

The RiverWalk goes through the Milliken State Park, which is Michigan’s only urban state park. Just across the street from the park and right next to the Dequindire Cut is the historic Globe Trading Company Building — where Henry Ford once worked as an apprentice. It will the become the Milliken State Park Adventure and Discovery Center, complete with an archery range, rock climbing, and outdoor activities. “The building is about 100-thousand square feet — we will be taking about 50-thousand square feet turning it into the discovery center — we’re looking for partners to come in and work with us on developing the other side,” said Rodney Stokes, Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

DNR leader Rodney Stokes is no stranger to Detroit. After he first retired from the state, he served as deputy parks director in Detroit.

As for the other possible occupants of the Globe Trading Building, they might be green — and a wonderful, exciting fit.

Interestingly enough, if it weren’t for the unsuccessful pursuit of putting casinos on the riverfront, we may not have a RiverWalk or a Dequindre Cut. The city purchased the latter property in hopes of creating an access road to the casinos. That said, losing places like the Woodbridge Tavern and Soup Kitchen was a steep price to pay.

Progress is apparently underway on the contaminated Uniroyal site, a project being led by the DEGC. There are a number of workers and construction equipment on site. This is one of the key missing pieces between the existing RiverWalk, Belle Isle, and the Gabriel Richard Park and plaza.

Here’s the Detroit 2020 video:

Dequindre Trail construction set to begin

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

img_2524Both Crain’s and Model D are reporting updates on the trail connection between the Dequindre Cut and the RiverWalk.

From the Crain’s article:

The Economic Development Corporation of the city of Detroit today approved a $871,900 contract with Detroit-based WCI Contractors Inc. for an 800-foot extension of the Dequindre Cut, the Dequindre Trail extension, to begin in July.

The extension will continue the paved bicycle and pedestrian path from the below-grade Dequindre Cut on the street level between Woodbridge and Atwater Street and is expected to be completed by end of this year.

This is much welcomed news.

This reduces the confusion in getting between the two trails, especially for first-timers. While at the recent RiverDays event, the most often asked question is, “How do I get to the Dequindre Cut?” and unfortunately the answer wasn’t that straigthforward.

We posted the conceptual design of this trail connection back in October.

Dequindre Cut Construction Continues

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

It’s getting closer.

The expected completion date for Phase I is this summer. It appear the electrical is currently being installed. There is still a lot of steel beams which may be for the Antietam Bridge replacement. The main trail portion (the east half of the right-of-way) is graded, along with the two vehicle access points at Gratiot and Lafayette.

One clarification should be made. Many, including myself thought the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy was responsible for constructing the Cut. They aren’t. The City of Detroit is with the DEGC managing the project. However, once completed, the Conservancy will handle this trail’s operations, maintenance, and programming.

Detroit Riverwalk Updates

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Tri-Centennial State Park

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) expects Phase II to go to bid in March of 2008. They believe they are still on schedule for a June start. If everything works out and the weather cooperates, there’s a possibility of it being completed this year.

Note that Phase II is from the park’s large grassy mound to Rivard Plaza.

East Riverfront Linear Parks

On October 9th, 2007, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) posted the following update:

The DEGC staff is managing the design process towards the development of new park space that will extend from Jefferson Avenue to Atwater Street along Riopelle Street and the former Dequindre Avenue right of way. These “linear” parks were conceived as part of the East Riverfront District Plan, which are to serve as features that would offer views to the Detroit River, and would encourage non-motorized pathways from the Lafayette Park neighborhood down to the Riverfront Promenade and the Tricentennial State Park. During the next quarter, the DEGC staff will move the design process into further development.

Since that time some underground storage tanks were found and there may be some unforeseen cleanup issues. While the DEGC originally committed to funding that connector, this recent discovery adds some uncertainty.

Detroit Riverwalk at Gabriel Richard ParkGabriel Richard Park

According to this Detroit Free Press article:

The City of Detroit is planning $1.9 million in upgrades to the now vacant Gabriel Richard Park.

City officials told city council today that half of that amount would come from federal government and half from the nonprofit Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. The Economic Development Corporation made the presentation today before council.

The city staff requests that council hold a hearing on April 9.

I’m unclear how the park is vacant. It contains is a beautiful section of the Riverwalk.

More information on Father Gabriel Richard