Uneasy riders Where to ride – street or sidewalk?

From the Ann Arbor News:
Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje, a proponent of alternative transportation, rides his bike to City Hall from his northside home two or three times a week. He takes the “side path” along Plymouth Road, which was built wide enough to be used by bicyclists and pedestrians alike, until moving into the streets downtown, where he’s careful to obey street signs as if he were driving a car.

Hieftje said the city is rapidly expanding its bicycle path system, which is expected to grow 300 percent over the next five or six years. A recently developed non-motorized plan means that six to eight years from now, 85 percent of the city’s main roads will have bike lanes.

He said drivers should remember that every cyclist is saving a parking space, as well as well as helping the environment.

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