Woodward Trail

Below are additional notes from the January 27th, 2003 Royal Oak City Commission meeting:

  • A main goal of this project is to provide a pedestrian link between Ferndale and Birmingham
  • Airway (elevated) proposal – Used elsewhere, predominantly in Florida; longest to date is 1300 feet; would link to neighborhoods at the half-mile roads
  • Grade-level proposal – Would not eliminate lane of traffic; MDOT not crazy about changing to parallel parking; enhanced alleys would be relied on for connecting to off-street parking; used successfully elsewhere
  • I-75 expansion plans should reduce Woodward traffic counts
  • Royal Oak Presentation Outline (No longer available)

In speaking with the planning consultants, they note that the proposal to use the railroad right-of-way will require much more political leadership and support to overcome Canadian National Railway’s aversion to sharing.

Property Sales along the Rail Line

Royal Oak looks to sell trail property (1/6/03)

[Public Comment given to Royal Oak City Commission on 1/6/2003]

I recommend the City Commission not award the bid to appraise the Vinsetta Commuter Parking lot property.

It is premature to consider the sale of this property until the viability of a Woodward rail-with-trail proposal can be determined. While such a project is outside the scope of the current Woodward Trail planning, it should not be discounted as a viable long-term use for a portion of this right-of-way.

In a January 2nd letter to the Commission, Mr. Larry Doyle suggests an alternative trailhead and parking area in the downtown area.

First, I don’t believe it’s wise to rely solely on overburdened downtown parking facilities.

Second, I prefer the City encourage trail users to walk or bike from their home to the trail without having to drive. Having trail access at Vinsetta would allow more residents to use the trail and leave their car in the garage.

Besides, it’s not realistic to expect our younger, non-driving residents to go downtown just to get on the trail.

At the very minimum, easements should be maintained on this Vinsetta property to provide easy access to this potential trail from Alicia and Vinsetta Boulevard.

Also, I also want to encourage the City to take a more active role in the Woodward Trail project. Ferndale and Birmingham have embraced the project and been strong leaders at the City Manager level. I would like to see the same magnitude of support in Royal Oak.