Troy Trails on Track

Troy Trails signage sub-committee

The City of Troy is making some real headway in making their community a better, safer, and easier place to bike and walk.

It wasn’t always like that, Just a few years back it held a very auto-centric view of transportation and roads — a view that’s unfortunately shared by many Metro Detroit municipalities and road agencies.

What changed in Troy?

They did a number of surveys asking what Troy residents wanted in their community. Biking and walking trails came out on top across the board. That opened some eyes.

In response, the City formed a Troy Trails and Pathways committee of citizens and supporters. The committee has been meeting for more than a year under the guidance of Troy Recreation Director Carol Anderson. Being involved I can say it’s a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable group.

To date our mission has been to help form a vision for Troy’s biking and walking facilities, including trails, bike lanes, sidewalks and more.

The next Troy Trails and Pathways committee will meet at the Troy Community Center on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 7:30pm in room 402.


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  2. James Hunt Says:

    All of the suburbs cimpletely suck for bike riding. I live at 16 & Ryan, and though I applaud the city of Troy for making those nice wide 6 ft sidewalks down 16 miles from Dequindre to Coolidge, the truth of the matter is that I almost get run over at every side street intersection. Its been said a 100 times over, sidewalks are the most dangerous place for bike riders, by design, cars will block the sidewalk path when pulling into traffic. Though there is only 20 crashes (reported) there is probably 100 time more than were near misses. All of our communities need to pit social pressure on the local leaders to do more for alternate transportation. Feel free to contact me at .. I am seriously thinking running for mayor of Sterling Hts just to implement bike lanes as well as other public transportation initiatives..

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