Michigan Companies Promote Biking to Work

2007 bike to work day in DetroitToday’s Detroit News has an article titled Cutting the Cost of Commuting. It discusses how some Michigan companies are helping their employees cope with higher fuel costs.

What’s great is the more progressive companies like Google and Herman Miller are promoting bike use.

Google’s Ann Arbor office donates $5 per day to a charity of choice for those who walk or bike, according to spokesman Patrick McLaughlin. About half the workforce take public transportation, walk, bike, or carpool.

Brian Walker, CEO of Zeeland-based furniture manufacturer Herman Miller and an avid bicyclist, decided to discourage the use of cars altogether when he implemented a “bike pooling” system that matches other cyclists by location and schedule.

Rather than offer stipends to buy gas, the company provides one-time reimbursements of $100 for bicycles, $50 for helmets, and $500 for hybrid cars.

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