DDOT Gets Bus Bike Racks

SMART bus with a two-bike rack

SMART bus with a two-bike rack

DDOT has listened to our requests.

DDOT has announced that the Russell bus line will include bus bike racks.  They are doing this on a trial basis.  Eventually we may see all  DDOT buses with bike racks similar to what SMART has done.

DDOT is calling this Bikes On Buses or B.O.B.

There are B.O.B. details on-line along with a B.O.B. user guide.  Or you can call DDOT customer service at 313.933.1300.

Special thanks to DDOT and the Transportation Riders United (TRU) for helping push this project forward.  This is a great complement to the bus network, but also a great benefit for Detroit cyclists wanting to get to cycling destinations across the city (e.g. Belle Isle, Riverwalk.)

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  2. Rapps Says:

    Please watch for this, in Chicago the bus transportation system/department has installed advertising signs on some of the bike racks (on the front of the buses) but these signs have disabled one of the two spots for bikes. So if the bus pulls up with one bike already on the rack it’s full, no other bike can fit on. I think the sign is bolted down in such a way that the bar/arm can’t move correctly any longer to hold a bike.

  3. Todd Scott Says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

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