SMART Bus Bike Rack Update

A small celebration when the SMART bus bike racks were first introduced

Celebrating the first SMART bus bike racks at the State Fairgrounds in April 2004

Prior to the high gas prices, the question was often asked if the SMART bus bike racks were a success.  SMART thought so.  They attributed increased ridership to the bike racks.

SMART can’t run buses to every address.  Being able to use a bike to get from ones true starting point to a bus stop makes buses more viable for many folks, but especially those in less densely developed areas.

Of course fewer asked about the bus racks’ effectiveness during this year’s bump in gas prices.  The answer was quite visible as many more buses had bikes on them.

At yesterday’s Model D speaker series, a SMART representative said they transported bikes 16,000 times last month.  Wow.

In fact due to the increased usage, SMART is now looking to upgrade their bus bike racks so that they carry 3 bikes.

It sounds like that original question won’t be asked as much anymore.

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