Dequindre Cut Grand Opening


The date has been set for a grand opening celebration: Thursday, May 14th at 10AM.

Certainly the trail has been useable since last fall.

Keep in mind that this is only Phase I of the trail. Phase II continued the Dequindre Cut north of Gratiot to Mack Avenue.

And either the trail got a new sign along Gratiot or I haven’t been paying attention. Either way, it looks good.

Also, there are rumblings of a “Dequindre Cut East.” There is an abandoned rail corridor just east of Beaufait from Mack to the Riverfront. The Gleaner’s Community Food Bank is interested in this project as it would connect their building to the Riverwalk. This is still very much in the conceptual phase, so there are not many details to share at this time.

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One Response to “Dequindre Cut Grand Opening”

  1. Chris Says:

    YES! “Detroit Belt Line Bikeway*” here we come! Hopefully the connection under Jefferson into the former Uniroyal site can be preserved in order to connect to the Riverwalk, Gabriel Richard Park, Mt. Elliott Park and Belle Isle.

    (* Or maybe “Bellevue-Beaufait Bikeway?”)

    See the linked Detroit area railroad ROWs document for a description of the Detroit Belt Line pp 21-26 (Document pp 19-24.)

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