Lyon Township Trail Update

There’s been a significant update since our report last week on Lyon Township’s plans for re-routing the Huron Valley Trail along a road with driveways.

As we noted, the DNR was not going to allow driveways across the trail and that killed the deal.

Very recently the Township met with the DNR to discuss a framework for a new, more trail-friendly proposal. And though that proposal has not yet been made, some of the ideas discussed include:

  • Keeping the trail on the original railroad right-of-way
  • Allowing the Township’s ring road to cross the trail with a redesigned crossing that emphasizes safety

And because trail users are conceding this new road crossing, some additional trail improvements are expected in return. Those may include:

  • Additional connections to local schools, parks, local businesses
  • Lighting
  • A trail head/staging area
  • Eliminating or consolidating driveways near the Grand River trail crossing which make it messy
  • Working with the DNR to have a trail bridge over Pontiac Trail

Overall, the theme of these possible benefits are safety and more connections — and protecting the public investment in this trail.

We should know more once Township comes back with an updated proposal, but it seems as though things are moving in a better direction for trail users.

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2 Responses to “Lyon Township Trail Update”

  1. Chris Says:

    Awesome! That’s great to hear. Although I think the ring road is unnecessary, the ring road and trail in its current ROW are not mutually exclusive, as the GWE map shows. The reroute along the ring for a dubious land-grab is what really made this so terrible. Especially when there otherwise does not seem to be any real master planning or acceptance of the current (and future) real estate market. The ring road seems unnecessary in that Lyon Township should be focusing on preserving and developing what little is left of “downtown New Hudson” which technically does not exist as a town or village, it’s all just the Charter Township of Lyon. If they continue on their current trajectory, it’ll be an empty ghost sprawltown full of rotting Applebee’s and Walmarts, with nothing left to make it an attractive place to live, work or play.

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    Great points, Chris. After reading many of the Lyon Township planning committee minutes, it seems they hope to build a DINO – a downtown in name only. I don’t understand why they didn’t try to preserve and build up “New Hudson” as you suggest using a more traditional downtown model. Perhaps that’s due to their apparent enthusiasm for attracting national chains.

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