It’s all Good from Ray LaHood

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, our new Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood said:

The president wants to create opportunities for people to live in communities where they don’t always have to be in an automobile to get where they’re going.

That sounds great to us.

Then on Earth Day, the Secretary put a post on his Fast Lane blog about bicycling. Here’s an excerpt:

Of all the Fastlane entries over the first days of this Administration, the one that has generated the most responses is the one on my address to the National Bike Summit. We all know that bikers are passionate about their wheels; we also know that bicyclists are vulnerable to automobiles and need secure lanes and greater awareness from drivers. On Earth Day, it seems appropriate to talk about bicycling, not only as recreation, but as an environmentally sound commuting option. And, about what the DOT is doing to improve the cyclist’s commute.

The upcoming reauthorization of DOT’s surface transportation programs provides an opportunity for us to feature bicycling as part of a new American mobility within livable communities. As I said today in testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, this includes fostering communities where bicyclists feel both safe and welcome on the roadways. Bike-friendly development also has the potential to contribute significantly to the revitalization of downtown districts and offer an alternative to sprawl and automobile-focused commuting.

In an ideal world, we’d fly Secretary LaHood to Detroit have him meet with our local road agencies (e.g. RCOC) that don’t share this committment and vision for creating safer roads for cycling.

That would be an interesting discussion.


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