Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Tours

img_2549In just a short period of time, the Wheelhouse Detroit has garnered some serious fandom. During a recent talk at the Green Garage, I mentioned them and the crowd broke into well-deserved applause.

So the Free Press is showing them a little bit of love too with this article.

Throughout the spring and fall, and occasionally in the summer, the store — run by Detroiters Karen Gage and Kelli Kavanaugh — hosts bike tours that range from about 10 miles to 30 miles or more.

“We have so much fun biking around the city, just going out and experiencing it and seeing new things,” said Gage, 33. “Detroit has a lot of cool neighborhoods and interesting people and great architecture. These bike tours are allowing us to present that.”

The emphasis on guided tours and bike rentals are more examples of how the Wheelhouse has broken the mold for bike shops in Metro Detroit. They’re not just selling bikes.

They certainly taking advantage of Detroit’s relatively high density of unique and historic sites that are never too far of a ride from the bike shop.

The Free Press also included this video coverage from one of their recent Detroit tours.

And like many other of the small, entrepreneurial businesses in the greater Downtown area, they’re accepting Detroit Cheer.

Disclosure: I am a volunteer guide for two Wheelhouse tours this summer.

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