Nothing says independence like a bicycle

Frazz comic strip by Jef Mallett

Started in April of 2001, the Frazz comic strip from time to time reflects author Jef Mallett’s love of biking. Today’s Fourth of July strip is a great example.

Jef was raised in Big Rapids and his addiction to cycling began with riding to school because he despised taking the bus. Jef now lives in Lansing, where his cycling addiction continues.

For those less familiar with the strip, Frazz is a thirty-something school custodian who lives an idyllic life being around well-behaved kids and getting plenty of time to ride both on-road and off.

“Frazz is who I want to be,” says Jef. “Frazz is a just a regular, likeable guy.”

You can catch your daily dose of Frazz at

Jeff’s also written some Frazz books, which are available at

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