Doctor drives head on into cyclist on Hines

Click on Detroit is reporting that a doctor after working a 24 hour shift, got into her car, and hit an experienced cyclist on Hines Drive.

Police said the female driver crashed head on into a 60-year-old man riding his bicycle with a group of friends. The impact left a large dent in the hood of the car. The cyclist was seriously hurt and is being treated at University of Michigan Hospital.

As of Friday night, no decision had been made whether or not the driver would be charged.

Click on Detroit also has video coverage of the crash.

It would be interesting to hear the eyewitness accounts from the others cycling in the group.

Apparently only Click on Detroit has covered this story so far.

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One Response to “Doctor drives head on into cyclist on Hines”

  1. Neal Says:

    I know a doctor; hospitals work the hell out them; 24 hours shifts are common. I can understand why this happened. Its definitely the doctor’s fault and the hospital administration is to blame. I don’t get why they make people who are responsible for lives to spend so many hours without a break to rest and recharge; only to send them home tired and drowsy endangering cyclist and other drivers on the road.

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