2008 Oakland County ped and bike crashes

Photo015How does your community compare with others with respect to pedestrian and bicycle crashes in 2008?

Here are the Oakland County communities with the most crashes according to the Office of Highway Safety and Planning, Michigan State Police:

Vehicle-Pedestrian Crashes

  1. Pontiac 24, 2 fatal
  2. Southfield 28, 2 fatal
  3. Royal Oak 17, 1 fatal
  4. Waterford 11, 1 fatal
  5. Oak Park 10

Others: Ferndale had 7 with 1 fatal and Birmingham had 6.

Vehicle-Bicycle Crashes

  1. Royal Oak 27, 1 fatal
  2. Farmington Hills 17
  3. Pontiac 16
  4. Southfield 16
  5. Troy 16
  6. Madison Heights 15
  7. Waterford 15
  8. Ferndale 12
  9. Hazel Park 12
  10. Rochester Hills 12

Others: Birmingham had 5, Oxford had 1 fatal

Royal Oak is tops for combined crashes just as they were in 2007. It’s expected that their upcoming non-motorized planning can address this dubious distinction.

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4 Responses to “2008 Oakland County ped and bike crashes”

  1. Dave Hurst Says:

    No doubt R.O. is still tops, but its interesting that Southfield now matches R.O. with 44 combined crashes in ’08. This almost doubles where it was last year (about 23 combined in 2007 – not sure that exact number is right from your 2007 chart). This is driven by pedestrian crashes, but both pedestrian and bicycle crashes are up from ’07. What the heck is going on in Southfield?

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    Good point, Dave. As I was posting this, I realized I need to do more analysis. What is going on in Southfield? It is a major work center so perhaps these are due to more people biking to work. We might be able to confirm that based on the time of day in which the crashes occurred.

  3. Joel Batterman Says:

    It’s possible that this data set tracks the amount of bicycle and pedestrian traffic in each community more closely than anything else. It would be best read in the context of the U.S. Census/ American Community Survey data on the number of bike/walk commuters in each town. Without adjusting for population or mode split, it’s hard to get a sense of relative safety.

    Pretty telling that no one has done this before…

  4. Royal Oak accepts non-motorized proposal | m-bike.org Says:

    […] is great news, especially in light of the recent bad news regarding non-motorized […]

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