Biking to Windsor across the Ambassador Bridge

Cyclists take a quite break under the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, OntarioYesterday 60 cyclists rode where no one had in more than 30 years — on the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Windsor.

This was the inaugural Bike the Bridge event, a special group ride which worked out the details with the Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC) as well as U.S. and Canadian Customs.

The DIBC closed the Detroit-to-Windsor side of the bridge to motorized traffic during the ride over. They also placed mats over the expansion joints to help prevent any tire damage.

It took about 20 minutes for the cyclists to clear the bridge. That’s not too bad considering this is the tallest hill climb in Detroit.

Once in Canada, the group was met by Alan Halberstadt, a Windsor City Councillor and member of the Windsor Bicycle Committee. Halberstadt led the group on a tour of historic village of Sandwich and the Windsor’s Riverfront bike trail.

Halberstadt did mention that if the DIBC builds a second span across the Detroit River, they have mentioned keeping the existing bridge open and possibly available for non-motorized traffic. It’s still far too early to speculate whether than will happen or not.

The new proposed public bridge (called the DRIC) does plan to provide bike and pedestrian access.

The ride continued to a Windsor park where the group was fed. The 51st annual Tour di Via Italia bike race was just a few blocks away on Erie Street.

For the return to Detroit, the bicycle were loaded onto a rental truck and Transit Windsor provided two buses.

Biking in Windsor, Ontario is really a nearby gem, but unfortunately Detroit cyclists can’t just ride to it — at least not yet. Having a convenient, year round non-motorized international connection across the Detroit River would really increase the appeal of biking in the Detroit-Windsor area.

Link: Photos from Bike the Bridge

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6 Responses to “Biking to Windsor across the Ambassador Bridge”

  1. Josh Duggan Says:

    This sounds like an awesome trip! Congrats to the organizers and I hope that it only grows in future years.

  2. Tom Page Says:

    It was an absolutely spiritual event! Thanks to Sue and everyone else who helped out.

  3. Joe Says:

    How special does one have to be to arrange such a crossing? Any info on who/how to call for special event or other considerations to cross the bridge? It seems like if some group can get it done, than it’s a short cry for cyclists to have the convenient travel to Canada that many would pay money for. This would be better than the people mover for special events that go in a circle, returning to downtown!

  4. Todd Scott Says:

    The DIBC was pretty clear that this was a special one-time (per year) event. It was early on a Sunday during Labor Day weekend when there was little bridge traffic, which was one reason they were supportive. To get this even on a more regular basis would be a very large challenge. After all, this is a privately-owned bridge and they call the shots.

  5. Cheeks Says:

    This is parlty incorrect…in the late 80s a group biked across to protest the Incinerator.

  6. Mike Says:

    Well what a neat event. Had I known I would have loved to participate. Hopefully it happens again soon.

    Windsor Ontario

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