Detroit biking featured in Momentum magazine

The current issue of Momentum (“the magazine for self-propelled people”) features Detroit.

Following on the heals of Portland, the main article describes biking in Detroit — the conditions, culture, people and future.

There’s also a visitor’s guide, which is helpful for all those U.S. Social Forum folks who are biking to or at least biking around Detroit this June.

And, there’s a rider profile of Cassandra Spratling, a member of Sisters Cycling. We could not find the profile Wheelhouse Detroit co-owner Kelli Kavanaugh on-line, so you’ll want to head down to their bike shop and pick up a printed copy.

We really like this Momentum article and hope it brings a bit more national recognition for some of America’s best urban biking.

Disclaimer: We’re absolutely biased. We wrote the article.

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  1. Darren Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for writing that wonderful article! Nice to see it in my copy of Momentum that arrived yesterday in the mail.

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