PEAC to address Michigan Disability Caucus on Wednesday

John Waterman, the executive director of PEAC (Program to Educate All Cyclists) will be in Lansing this Wednesday to discuss how we can better support cyclists with disabilities in Michigan. He’s wanting to get as many people to the meeting as possible.

Here’s more information from John:

PEAC is excited to share with you that Senator John Gleason, the Chair of the Michigan Legislative Disability Caucus, has invited PEAC to address Michigan?s Representatives and Senators, Wednesday, June 23rd. The topic of the meeting will be cycling and persons with disabilities. From 12pm-1pm PEAC will educate the Caucus about its mission and programs, and advocate for greater state support for cycling for persons with disabilities. John Waterman, Executive Director of PEAC, as well as several children who have benefitted from PEAC?s programs, will address the Caucus.

This is a crucial opportunity for us to share with legislatures the importance of providing opportunities for people living with disabilities. If you are planning on attending please contact me by at at leave a message at 734-484-2758. The meeting will be in the Capital Building, ?Speakers Library? 2nd Floor, West Wing. We already have a couple of carpools started and would like to organize more, so we can pack the house.

One interesting note: getting more persons with disabilities on bikes can save taxpayer dollars. It’s very expensive providing paratransit options. If we can make it easier and possible for people to ride, they might be able to use the existing linehaul bus system. Reducing paratransit needs can save a significant amount of money.


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