Royal Oak non-motorized planning begins

Wolverine cyclist and city planner Doug Hedges recently announced that “the initial meeting for the City of Royal Oak’s Non-Motorized Transportation Plan will be held at the Planning Commission’s next meeting of Tuesday, August 10, 2010, at 7:30 p.m. ”

The meeting location is Royal Oak City Hall, room 315 (on the 3rd floor) at 211 South Williams in Downtown Royal Oak.

Here is the outline of the presentation:

(1) Introduction of Active Transportation Alliance (ATA)
(2) Why Do a Non-Motorized Plan?
(3) Why ATA Needs Planning Commission?s Help: Purpose & Expectations
(4) Roundtable Discussion: Vision for Non-Motorized Plan
(a) Potential for Transforming Transportation
(b) Barriers to Pedestrian, Bike, & Transit Trips
(5) Plan Public Meeting
(a) Date & Venue
(b) Public Notice & Invitations

Royal Oak cyclist Tom Regan sent an email with the following note:

We will help ourselves a lot if we have a very large turnout at this first meeting, to show city planning commission members that Royal Oak needs to be made safer and more inviting to cyclists and pedestrians. The city planning commission will ultimately recommend policy changes to the city commission.

If you are able please spread the word any way you can.

Keep in mind that the presentation is not the first item on the agenda, so it won’t start right at 7:30pm.

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