Wayne State: Please update your event name

Wayne State University’s 7th annual Drive Safely to Wayne State Campaign begins today.

We think it should be renamed “Arrive Safety at Wayne State”. This name better reflects the many transportation options Wayne State University students have, which is truly a competitive advantage over suburban schools such as Oakland University.

The need to update the name should also be apparent since this year’s event coincides with changes to Anthony Wayne Drive.

According this this Free Press article:

Anthony Wayne Drive is getting new landscaping, more than 100 new parking spaces, streetlights and pedestrian crossing lights. Lanes will be reduced from four to two in each direction, and bike lanes will be installed. It’s part of an effort to make the street — between Warren and Kirby — more accommodating to pedestrians and retail customer vehicles.

The cost of the project is $900,000, with 80% of it being paid for by the Michigan Department of Transportation and the rest coming from WSU. The project should be complete by the end of October.

The bike lanes have not yet been striped as work continues on the pedestrian crossings and bump outs.

We do hope that the additional parking alleviates the need for double-parking as shown in the above photo. Or at least the added parking and bike lanes would mean stepped up local enforcement.

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