Still more bike talk for Berkley and Royal Oak

Just when we thought it was safe to publish a collection of recent news stories on biking in southern Oakland County communities…

Today the Daily Tribune has an article, Royal Oak, Berkley work to make cities biker friendly.

The wheels of government are catching up to cyclists determined to use pedal power as their mode of transportation whenever possible.

Now that’s a lead in statement we need to read more often in Oakland County!

And we need more political leaders like Berkley councilmembers Steve Baker and Lisa Platt Auensen. The Tribune had this quote from Baker.

“To me, it’s about having a road system designed for everybody regardless of age and ability,” Berkley city Councilman Steven Baker said. “An incomplete street moves cars from Point A to B efficiently. A complete street moves people from point A to B. That’s a subtle but important difference for anybody riding a bike, pushing a stroller and using a walker, cane or wheelchair.”

Perhaps one point that was missed is Complete Streets are not just some local idea being pushed by those crazy cyclists. It’s a national movement which is backed but a large, diverse group. For instance, the National Association of REALTORS is a major sponsor. Health organizations, such as the American Heart Association, are supporters.

And AARP has been a huge advocate for Complete Streets. If you live in a community with incomplete streets (and sub-optimal transit options), driving becomes a requirement for mobility. A 2007 survey of seniors found that they feared losing their driver’s license much more than they feared dying.

The Tribune also mentioned last night’s Progressive Bike and Dine between Royal Oak and Berkley. Despite the chilly weather, there was a very decent turnout of spirited residents.

The ride started with drinks at Lily’s Seafood, then pizza at Amici’s, and a meal at the Royal Oak Brewery. Even though we passed on desserts, we likely consumed more calories than we burned.

No problem. It was a lot of fun.

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