Sign of the times: Removing 15 traffic signals

There’s been much discussion on Detroit’s overbuilt roads. The loss of people and their cars not to mention the construction of the Interstates has left the city’s streets feeling bare — an excellent condition for bicycling.

In that same vein, many of Detroit’s traffic controls are no longer appropriate for the low traffic volumes.

So in response, the Detroit City Council is considering the removal of 15 traffic lights tomorrow:

Brown, reso. autho. Traffic Signal Removal at 15 locations.  (There are fifteen (15) signalized intersections that are currently operating on full time “STOP control” mode for more than a year in compliance with the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD) and are scheduled for removal due to changes in traffic conditions.)

It seems some of these traffic lights haven’t been working for a while. Public Works has put up stop signs in their place.

And hopefully this removal effort is just a start. We’re guessing there are ten times more traffic lights that could be removed in Detroit.

This could make biking in the city just a tad quicker.

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