Hot Spokes: delivering food by bike

Beyond their little yellow flyer and a sparce Facebook page, there’s been little information available on Hot Spokes: A lunchtime food delivery service in Detroit that uses bikes.

That changed a little today as the operation was featured on WDET’s Craig Fahle show. They are on the pod cast at 1:26.

So how does it work? According to their Facebook page:

Call the restaurant to place your order and Hot Spokes will ride it to you!

  • Cass Cafe (313) 831-1400
  • Union Street (313) 831-3965
  • Shangri-La (313) 974-7669

And yes, they are still delivering in the winter, so tip well!

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8 Responses to “Hot Spokes: delivering food by bike”

  1. Dave Says:

    Two names sound familiar. Shane O’Keefe and Hot Spokes. Seems like both I came across at one point in relation to the Hub of Detroit. This is a great idea though and the thought of not being able to bike in the winter is laughable. Only in the most inclement weather.

    Also, maybe this is just me and my dislike for cars and driving and the perception of those who ride bikes in the street, in commenting on this, but there is always a double standard with cars and bikes, like when people talk about bikes and how they want the same rights but don’t follow the laws.

    What’s the difference between cars not obeying traffic laws exactly, to save some time and bikes doing the same thing? When bicyclists do it, it’s a big deal. When cars do it, it’s just business as usual and generally tolerated and acceptable. Craig asked a question and he gave an honest answer. I don’t know anyone for which time and/or exercise is a priority, rides their bike according to all traffic laws exactly to a tee, for every revolution of their pedals. It’s just very wasteful of time AND energy over the long haul. Not to say I am not careful or advocate flying through all stop signals and signs. I do say in fairness, being in a hurry makes one more likely to get into an accident, only when I almost got hit once, it wasn’t my fault, but I could have prevented it by not assuming someone saw me. Just an observation of that exchange and my long winded thoughts….

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    Dave, I don’t want the same rights and rules. I want the ones that make the most sense for effective and safe bicycling. ­čÖé

  3. Dave Z Says:

    I love this, I would like to start this at the Majestic Cafe and Sgt. Pepperoni’s. Please email at Thanks

  4. Todd Scott Says:

    Dave, I’ve put your comment on their Facebook page. Unfortunately that’s the only direct contact I have for them.

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  7. Austin Wilson Says:

    Hey my name is Austin Wilson and i’m looking for a courier service i love to ride and the fact that i could do it and get paid to do what i love count me in please E-mail me at

  8. Todd Scott Says:

    I would suggest contacting Shayne O’Keefe at the Hub of Detroit ((313) 833-0813) for more information on Hot Spokes.

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