Detroit bike and brew tours

Of course Detroit has a strong automotive history. The first gasoline-powered car was driven in Detroit 115 years ago today — with Henry Ford biking behind it.

But we also have a strong beer brewing heritage, which is perhaps largely a result of Detroit, especially the eastside, being a major destination for German immigrants.

In fact by 1880, 28% of all Detroit households were headed by a German immigrant. At the same time, 62% of the workers in Detroit’s bars and saloons were German immigrants, which proves you don’t need to speak English to pour beers.

Last Fall as part of Detroit Beer Week,  Bil Lusa led a bike tour called BIKE-toberfest – Detroit Brewing, Past & Present. It included Detroit’s current breweries along with the historical sites such as Stroh’s, Pfeiffer, E & B, and Goebel.

Now the Motor City Bike and Brew Tours are offering something similar once a month from April through October.

Learn about Detroit’s brewing history from your own two wheels. Motor City Bike and Brew Tours presents a guided bike tour of Detroit breweries. Discover why the Motor City is a great bike and beer city!

There is a $24.99 fee but the tour includes lunch and drink vouchers.

As always, bike safely.

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3 Responses to “Detroit bike and brew tours”

  1. Fabian Lanzy Says:

    As Homer Simpson would say- Mmmmm beer!

    Actually once the bridge is built over Telegraph Rd on the Clinton River Trail and the West Bloomfield Trail is extended to Haggerty I can envision a great two wheeled Beer run along the West Bloomfield and the Clinton River trails, with stops at a micro brew in Rochester, Bo’s in Pontiac, an Irish Bar in Kego Karbor and terminating just up Haggerty a couple of miles from the Trail at yet another Brew Pub (CJ’s). Just remember gang, Drink and Bike responsibly.

  2. Jason gray Says:

    Is there a bike tour this weekend July 23-24 room for two

  3. Todd Scott Says:

    The Wheelhouse has some tours that weekend.

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