Complete Streets: Detroit and more

The Complete Streets Community Workshop held on March 31st was an absolute success. While it was hoped to attract perhaps 100 attendees, about 160 showed up. There is a brief write up on the MTGA web site:

Prior to the event, DHWP Director and Public Health Officer Dr. Yvonne E. Anthony said, “With this workshop, we hope to engage the community and garner support to make our streets safer in order to promote healthy lifestyles and activities such as walking, running and biking. We encourage Detroit residents to join in the conversation.

And they did.

After the [Richard] Wooten presentation, the attendees submitted questions ranging from the impact of light rail, truck traffic, and bike lanes.

In speaking with some city officials afterwards, they were very impressed with the turnout and interest in Complete Streets. In many ways this reaffirms their recent efforts.

On the radio

On March 29th, I joined Myra Tetteh from the Detroit Health and Wellness Promotion Department on the WDET’s Craig Fahle Show. If you missed the broadcast, the podcast is on-line. The Complete Streets conversation begins 54 minutes into the podcast.

A new web address

In order to simplify things, a new web address and basic web page has been created for the Complete Streets efforts in Detroit. That address is

Michigan Municipal League

The Michigan Municipal League has a helpful Complete Streets web page. The page is especially useful for government officials looking to pursue Complete Street policies. The web page includes example ordinances and resolutions from various Michigan governments. And if you’re just a motivated Complete Streets advocate, this is a good link to email to your elected government officials.

— Todd Scott

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