Detroit’s Spaulding Court offers car free discount

Spaulding Court is offering a $450 monthly rent discount if you live car free.

This is serious savings given that the normal rent for the newly renovated townhouse is $1,200 a month.

These community-owned townhouses are in North Corktown, which is very bikeable. Their brochure even provides ride times to nearby locations, including:

  • 7 minutes to the Honey Bee (grocery store)
  • 8 minutes to Downtown
  • 11 minutes to the Riverfront

The townhouses also include free water, wireless Internet access, brand new kitchen and appliances.

We asked what was the motivation to offer such a deal to those living car free. Is this a program underwritten by a generous foundation?

We’re not getting any funds for it though a major consideration is the future cost of parking arrangements. ¬†Since our mission is broader than just the building, the benefit to the neighborhood of having folks who are disinclined to spend their time/money too far afield is a big plus as well.

Model D Media recently wrote about the restoration efforts:

Two years ago, the stone walls of the Spaulding Court townhouse complex housed nothing but blight and trouble for the North Corktown neighborhood. As the first completely-renovated townhouse unit comes available for rent in the 99-year-old structure, it represents a victory for neighborhood resident Jon Koller and the work of 9 other residents, most of whom live within 150 yards of Spaulding Court, who worked together to redevelop the building.

Koller calls North Corktown an undiscovered haven of “rural Detroit.” A second townhouse will be available for rent or sale by the end of the summer. For more information, visit¬†

For more information, email or 313.288.9255.

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