Made in Detroit: Lumpkin Cycle Works panniers

The Detroit Bicycle Company has been getting lots of love in Twitterland for their sweet, custom classic bicycles, but they’re not the only ones with made in Detroit, cycle chic bicycle wares.

Lumpkin Cycle Works makes some pretty fancy panniers. They’re waterproof, leather and can “carry a couple gallon jugs on each side.” The read light mount is a nice touch.

As you might imagine, they aren’t inexpensive. Continental Bike Shop is currently selling these panniers on ebay for $300. Hand-made chic doesn’t come cheap.

Still not that convinced you need these? Here’s the video.

Gray Lumpkin Vintage-Inspired Rear Bike Panniers from carlossee’ Santiago L. on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to “Made in Detroit: Lumpkin Cycle Works panniers”

  1. Hannah Kelley Says:

    I was under the impression that The Detroit Bicycle Company was in Canton or Northville or something. Do they make their panniers in the city?

  2. Todd Scott Says:

    Yes, at the Tour de Troit they said they were in a temporary setup outside of city limits but I thought they were looking to move.

    I’m not sure who is making Lumpkin’s panniers. As far as I know, they’re not related to the Detroit Bicycle Company.

  3. Orlando R Says:

    Lumpkin’s panniers are made in the city. I personally know the owner. He’s totally about Detroit and wouldn’t think of any other local. Hard working self made guy. Monies well spent.

  4. Nancy B Says:

    Hi, I’ve just come across photos of these amazing ” Lumpkin ” panniers but I am unable to locate a website for them. Has the Co gone out-of-business ?
    Thank You
    Nancy B

  5. Todd Scott Says:

    Unfortunately I do not have a contact or any other information about them.

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