Windsor’s effort to boost bicycling

Riding the Riverfront Trail in Windsor

From bike lanes to riverfront trails, Windsor has had a big head start on Detroit. While that gap has narrowed over the past few years, they’re arguably still ahead. In fact they just got their Bicycle Friendly Community designation last year which Detroit applied for this year.

This CBC News article gives a glimpse of what they have and what they need to make Windsor more bikeable.

According to Windsor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, the city plans to eventually add approximately 46 kilometres of bikeways.

Every year since 2001, the city has annually spent $400,000 on cycling infrastructure and programs. That doesn’t count the lanes that are added during regular construction.

The goal of the master plan is to have bike lanes and pathways within a five minute radius of every Windsor neighbourhood. It will add up to 350 km of trails and bike routes when it’s done. The current tally is 177 km.

For a really interesting and dynamic look at their plans, check out this before-and-after map.

This is all the more reason why we need a cross-border connection for bicyclists.

Here is a video from the CBC article, Windsor focuses on commuter cycling, bike paths.


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