City of Birmingham seeks volunteers

Forwarding information from Birmingham’s Planning Director, Jana Ecker. It would be great seeing some strong candidates on this committee:

The City of Birmingham is in the process of soliciting proposals to create a Multi-Modal Transportation Plan for the City. The City desires to immediately assemble an informal Multi-Modal Advisory Committee to assist in this effort. The City Commission would like the Advisory Committee to be composed of representatives from the following areas:

1. Advisory Parking Committee Member (1)
2. Bicycle Representative (1) (Birmingham resident or business owner, or frequent cyclist in Birmingham)
3. Millennial Generation Representative (Birmingham resident born between 1980 and 1999) (1)
4. Pedestrian Representative (1) (resident or business owner in Birmingham)
5. Physically Handicapped Pedestrian Representative (1) (resident or business owner in Birmingham)
6. Planning Board Member (1)
7. Principle Shopping District Board Member (1)
8. Senior Citizen Representative (1) (Birmingham resident or business owner over the age of 65)
9. Traffic & Safety Board (1)
10. Transit Rider Representative (1) (resident or business owner in Birmingham, or frequent transit system user in Birmingham)

The Advisory Committee will serve as a “sounding board” for the City and the selected consulting firm throughout the creation of the Multi-Modal Transportation Plan.

The first task of the Advisory Committee will be to assist City staff in reviewing the consultant proposals received by the City; these proposals are due to the City by 5:00pm EST on June 29th. In addition, the selected consulting firm is required to facilitate at least two (2) public workshops and Advisory Committee members would be expected to participate in these workshops. Additionally, the firm that is selected to complete the Multi-Modal Transportation Plan will meet with the Advisory Committee a total of six (6) times while developing the plan. It is anticipated that the length of service for the Advisory Committee would be approximately 6 – 9 months.

You are receiving this email as you have either expressed an interest in participated in the multi-modal plan, or you have been identified as a candidate that may be interested and qualified in filling one of the above positions. If you are interested in serving on this Advisory Committee, please respond to this email and include the category/ies for which you may qualify. Once I have filled all positions, each member of the Advisory Committee will be sent a roster for the committee, and a kick off meeting will be held to introduce the Advisory Committee to the scope of the project and to establish a meeting schedule. It is anticipated that the kick off meeting will be held PRIOR to receipt of the proposals from consultants.

If you know of others that may be interested in volunteering for this project, please feel free to forward this email to them. Thank you in advance for your interest in making the City of Birmingham a great place to live, work and play!

Jana Ecker
Planning Director
City of Birmingham

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  1. Aaron Says:

    so is this one of those what effects one of us effects us all?
    because there are things worth mentioning.
    just saying there being a posse and all.

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