Detroit bike parking: Getting better, room for improvement

We just updated the information for bike parking in Detroit.

Wayne State, Southwest Detroit, and even parts of Downtown doing a great job adding bike parking.

Still, there are other areas that have a significant lack of parking. In the map snapshot, we’ve highlighted those areas in yellow.

Ironically, many of those area have an abundance of surface lot parking — for cars!

And while this focuses just one part of Detroit, the city needs more bike racks throughout.

One other thing to keep in mind when looking at the map is that each red dot is a bike parking area. These areas may have multiple racks, some which fit a couple bikes and some that fit a dozen.

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One Response to “Detroit bike parking: Getting better, room for improvement”

  1. Dave Says:

    Good to see additional parking!

    It’s unfortunate that the bike valet @ S.F. Giants games puts us to SHAME. Looks like they’ve got us beat in more than one category. They can apparently put their bike on the rapid transit system and then not have to worry about their bike.

    Apparently, Dlectricity had a bike valet–I believe mentioned on here–didn’t use it as I used the bike to get around and locked up in a few different spots. “Knowledge Is Power” was definitely worth seeing, FYI, and the bike ride was fun too.

    FORD Field?….hm…

    There are defacto bike racks of course, with some parking meters, metal fences (non-chain link), etc. around the city of course too. I find the multiple bike bike racks to be actually less secure when locking up perpendicular to the rack, so I think I need to do some exploring on the internets and ask bike shops for some input on how to use these more securely.

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