Making execise equipment tax deductible?

Legislation was recently introduced (House Bill 5621) that would make exercise equipment and fitness memberships tax deductible in Michigan. Unfortunately it apparently applies only to stationary bikes, but bike trainers would likely be allowed.Here is actual wording from the proposed bill:

For tax years that begin after December 31, 2007, deduct, to the extent not deducted in determining adjusted gross income, an amount equal to qualified physical fitness expenses paid in the tax year not to exceed $1,000.00 for a single return or $2,000.00 for a joint return. As used in this subdivision:

(i) “Exercise equipment” means a product used for the sole purpose of engaging in vigorous exercise, including, but not limited to, a home gym; a treadmill; an elliptical, upright, or recumbent bicycle; a stairclimber; a rowing machine; or free weights and accessories. Exercise equipment does not include any type of sporting equipment or equipment purchased for participation in a sport.

(ii) “Physical fitness expenses” means the cost paid in the tax year for exercise equipment or memberships in a health and fitness program or club or in a gym if membership in the program, club, or gym is open to the general public.

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