Dequindre Cut Photos

Construction is still underway on Detroit’s Dequindre Cut Greenway.  Light posts and emergency call boxes are still being installed.  It appears the trail surface base is ready for paving.  The Antietam bridge has not been completed and it appears to still require considerable work.

Will it be ready for the planned grand opening in August?  We hope so.

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  1. Random Detroit Photos | Says:

    […] on the Russell Industrial Centers bike-in Motor City Moviehouse facilities, sneaked a peek at the Dequindre Cut, and took some interesting photos (below). .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; […]

  2. dea Says:

    At Lafayette and St. Aubin streets. It’s coming along! It looks almost done. Right now they have big cement blocks up to the on ramps so they aren’t accessible yet. But it looks complete, lights up, safety phones, what are they waiting for?

  3. dea Says:

    Sorry, that’s the picture I’m referring to, at Lafayette and St. Aubin streets.

  4. pdp Says:

    I rode it tonight in the rain. It’s really quite an amazing site and it’s so smooth!!! I can’t wait until the day it runs to Ferndale so I can get my miles in without playing in traffic

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