Economic Stimulus + Biking in Michigan

The differing House and Senate versions of the stimulus bill were resolved yesterday. It’s expected that the new bill will be voted on today and signed by the President on Monday.

This final bill allocates $29 billion in transportation funding. That’s about how much the federal government allocates during a normal year. How much of that goes to Michigan and how much could be spent on non-motorized facilities is apparently unknown as of now.

We do know that the MDOT Metro Region put reconstruction of the entire I-275 bikepath on their stimulus project list. How huge would that be?

The Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance and other advocates have been working with the City of Detroit to get non-motorized projects in the city’s stimulus list. Dan Cherrin, Mayor Cockrel’s spokesman told the the Michigan Messenger that the city wants to see “bike paths” built with stimulus money. Bike paths could include many of Detroit’s greenway projects as well as the non-motorized plan’s 400-mile bike lane network.

There are also other local bike and trail related projects in the stimulus wish list compiled by the Michigan Municipal League:

  • Birmingham – Completion of a renovation of partially existing trail network, $2 million
  • Canton – Construction of five pedestrian bridges over the Rouge River providing interconnection of community pathway, $700,000
  • Madison Heights – Red Oaks Bikepath, $600,000
  • Novi – Improvement of I-275 non-motorized pathway from I696 to Wayne Co, $ 467,000
  • Novi – New bike path along M-5 from south of 12 Mile Rd to Pontiac Trail, $ 1,250,000
  • Rochester – Paint Creek Trail, $ 300,000
  • Royal Oak – Non-Motorized Tranportation Plan, $40,000

What’s not clear is how Novi’s two requests fit with MDOT’s for the I-275 bikepath.

We should know more about what gets funded as this process continues to lumber along.

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5 Responses to “Economic Stimulus + Biking in Michigan”

  1. Dave Reid Says:

    Something to look into was in an amendment stayed in that didn’t allow stimulus money for bike infrastructure… I don’t know if it got in or not but well hopefully not.

  2. Todd Scott Says:


    That amendment failed. Congressman Blumenauer blocked it. He referenced it in this article:

  3. Economic Stimulus Updates | Says:

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  4. Erick Mile Says:

    Any ideas what the 300,000 for the paint creek trail is for? I found thier wish list from the master plan, and a link to the polly ann was the #1 user suggestion

    The top five potential improvements that received the most votes were:
    ? Extension to the Polly Ann Trail (57.2%)
    ? Drinking Fountains (46.7%)
    ? Restrooms (45.6%)
    ? Mileage Signs (26.1%)
    ? Additional Parking (22.2%)

  5. Todd Scott Says:

    It’s for a trail bridge replacement. Here’s the full text from their request:
    Replace wood brige along the Paint Creek Trail which has deteriorated. The new bridge would be able to support emergency vehicles.

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